African Tech startup kit

  1. Innovate around product distribution and find a model that works or make a new one
  2. Most customers are pre-paid and prefer to buy in small denominations.
  3. Payments in cash or via mobile money.
  4. Ability to use a product to generate additional income- eg buy in large quantity and then resell in smaller quantities.
  5. agency/distribution model -reinvent retail models
  6. Mobile phone is a major point of contact
  7. Also recommendations/trust from friends and family is very impactful.
  8. Android platforms 
  9. One of the reasons given for not integrating african markets is that it is very fragmented. eg swahili- 100m, Hausa- 65M, Yoruba- 40M. Oromo- 36M. Zulu- 27M, Igbo-27M. Each market has peculiar habits. 
  10. Cross Border transactions is a golden opportunity for crypto in Africa.  
  11. internet= whatsapp, facebook

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I am Chris. Welcome to my blog. I am passionate and write about all things startups, technology and personal learning. I fancy myself a tech/startups curator. Trying to understand technology, markets and communities and building things around that. Also want to travel more and rookie adventuring investor. wish me luck.

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