Exit aid enter startup africa

Many people have written about Africa being the last frontier; some African countries labeled as the African lions set to outrun the Asian tigers; Africa rising etc. Whereas there has been criticism about what aspects of Africa rising are being felt by the ordinary people, I do believe in the narrative that Africa will soon takeContinue reading “Exit aid enter startup africa”

Curriculum Vitae Creativity

You’ve probably heard on Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation sharing platform that lets people find cheap accommodation facilities when they travel. Now, one person was particularly interested in working for the company. Nina Mufleh knew that there are hundreds, maybe thousands that also want to work for the company. So Nina thought ‘ how canContinue reading “Curriculum Vitae Creativity”

Tracking business funding in Kenya

Over time, there have been many initiatives mainly by the government to tackle youth unemployment in the country. Examples of these initiatives are:  Kazi Kwa Vijana, Youth Enterprise Development Fund, Uwezo Fund etc. A huge amount of money has been allocated towards funding young people to undertake businesses. However, there are very few success stories.Continue reading “Tracking business funding in Kenya”

Sports Business

Majority of Kenyans keenly follow the European Leagues, mainly the English Premier League.  Across Europe, countries such as Germany, England and Spain have managed to turn their football leagues into a global phenomena. In Africa, countries like South Africa are reaping big in their sports industry. In Kenya, we have great talents in football, rugbyContinue reading “Sports Business”

Era of the internet and business

The current era is being referred to as the information age. If you have been observant enough, you will notice that entrepreneurs are ditching the old business models and using rather unconventional ways of doing business. Regarding business, modern day companies can no longer ignore the influence of the internet in doing business. The proliferationContinue reading “Era of the internet and business”

saccos and entrepreneur spirit

I have had interest in the concept of Micro-finance since my encounter with Kuya from Kenyatta University.  Kuya was a very interesting lecturer for a unit called Economics of Micro-finance. I remember vividly how Kuya went on and on about the concept of group lending that later spread all over the world.  In brief, MohammadContinue reading “saccos and entrepreneur spirit”

African entrepreneur story

Over the years, writing has been one way of passing knowledge and  wisdom from one generation to the other. This applies to academic writing, writing for pleasure, business writing, columnists and novelists.  In case of entrepreneurship, writing about lessons and experiences is a good way of passing the information gained to future generations. However, iContinue reading “African entrepreneur story”