of plans and mega plans

Majority of the countries in the developing world, including Kenya, have established long term blueprints that guide their social, political and economic agenda. Kenya has Vision 2030 blueprint which aims at ‘transforming Kenya into a newly industrializing middle income country providing high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030’. Rwanda has ‘vision 2040Continue reading “of plans and mega plans”

vibrant Kenyan startup scene

Since the dawn of M-PESA, Kenya has attracted international attention as a hotbed of innovation. In this post I briefly highlight some of the startups that are tackling big challenges in Kenya in an innovative way. For me this represents the possibilities that we can still acheive if we became innovative and proactive. Twiga Foods:Continue reading “vibrant Kenyan startup scene”

allure of fantasy tales

Imagination is more important than knowledge -Albert einstein  Majority of successful entrepreneurs say they are influenced by  fantasy tales and science fiction. I found this to be particularly intriguing. Consider one Peter Thiel (Paypal, Founders Fund, Palantir). Peter is influenced so much by J.R.R Tolkien book, The Lord of The Rings such that majority ofContinue reading “allure of fantasy tales”

Africa in 2025

Earlier this month, Mckinsey & Company released a report titled: Lions on the Move II:Realizing the potential of Africa’s Economies. The report seeks to showcase some of the opportunities and challenges expected in Africa in the next decade or so. The publication paints a rosy picture of Africa’s potential and the opportunities. Indeed a background ofContinue reading “Africa in 2025”

The Rock on motivation and work

I have been a fan of Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson since his wrestling days. Hardly did i miss any of his performances together with other childhood WWE superstars such as Stone cold steve Austin, Mankind, Triple H, The Undertaker etc. The Rock has since moved on to become an accomplished movie actor. This year heContinue reading “The Rock on motivation and work”

AI debate: Mark versus Elon

Artificial intelligence is basically the ability of machines to learn, react to things and generally behave just as good as humans. The biggest fears is that with advancements in AI, machines will become more like rational agents with ability to perceive their environment even better than humans. Two of the leading entrepreneurs that are on twoContinue reading “AI debate: Mark versus Elon”

How to make Uwezo Fund more effective.

The  Kenyan government has spent a lot of money trying to solve youth unemployment. One of the main steps taken is through giving funds to young people to start businesses. Billions have been spent so far but there is little success. One of the ways I believe is through establishing business hubs in various locationsContinue reading “How to make Uwezo Fund more effective.”